Dominion & Dominion vol 2 by Gregory Forrest

Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth UK, 2017 

Theatre of Chichester University, UK & Theatre 104, Athens Greece, 2018

Dominion successfully premiered at the Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth, England in September 2017 and we went on to sell out performances at Theatre of Chichester University and the Theatre 104 in Athens, Greece in March 2018 while re-approching and adapting the play. We couldn't be happier with how it went, the cast and crew worked fantastically hard and the audiences were incredibly receptive - we've had some very positive feedback. Thank you to everyone for your recent and ongoing support. 

Dominion is a love story as much as a hate story where intimacy tries to fight against the morality of war, in a world in which political norms have been internalised. The story of a couple who missed the purpose because they worked on the means and they ended up wondering if dominating or being dominated fights futility. 

A parodic look into a subversive couples' lives as they challenge authority, dignity, control and deviance within the relationship.

The production was supported by Alumni Hub and the British Arts Council Greece.


Gregory is a writer, dramaturg, and recipient of The Other Prize for playwriting. He has completed his MA in Text and Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). He is currently developing two original plays, and the lyrics for an experimental new musical. He has worked as a writer, director and producer for shows in the UK and abroad. 


Carley is a trained actor and classical singer. With a passion for film acting and theatre performance, she studied Performance at Chichester University and she has started her Master's degree in Performance (Theatre Collectives). She has set up her own theatre company in 2015, which she now manages alongside acting roles.


Stevie is a trained actor, currently studying a Master's degree in Performance at Chichester University. He has been involved in a variety of theatre and film performances from postmodern theatre productions with B-LAB in Brighton at the fringe, or on stage at Theatre Utopia in London with Miscommunicate.



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Director: Aikaterini Papageorgiou 

Set & Costume Design:

Alexander Gunnarsson

& Sophia Mavromichalis

Lighting Design:

Kostis Mousikos

Music Composer:

Giannis Christodoulopoulos



Carly Dawson, Steve Williams &

Pascalina Offori (only in the production of Portsmouth)

Production Manager in Athens: 

Olga Gounara 

Photos by: Michael Brokalakis



DOMINION by Gregory Forrest. 30 & 31st March 2018. Theatre 104, Athens, Greece

'Dominion takes to the stage in an intense 90 minute psychodrama of sexual morality, love, passion, intimacy and politics, penned by The Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts award winning writer Gregory Forrest, and bought to life under director Aikaterini Papageorgiou. The play centres on a young couple and the rights and wrongs of their sexual relationship, along with the effects it ultimately has on both, and draws comparisons to real life war situations and just how far it is ethically permissible to go. The three handed cast comprises of Chichester University couple Stevie Williams, as the disturbingly controlling boyfriend, film and theatrical actress Carley Dawson as the curious but questioning subservient girlfriend, and The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, film actress, Pascalina Ofori, as the narrator and waitress, who blends together the couple’s relationship and that of all additional facts.

The performers, writer and director are members of The Young Quill's, a theatrical company that travels around the UK to support and collaborate with emerging actors and playwrights. Papageorgiou was the founder of The Young Quill's, but had previously performed for two years in her home country with The Youth National Ballet Company Of Greece. The range of acting skills portrayed by Williams, Dawson and Ofori, in Dominion are truly incredible, with each having a talent l for one can’t wait to see more of. '


Review by Andrew Hay
30th September 2017